Preparing for the Equinox

Song in Praise of the Spring Equinox

O Day – O night

Sun – Moon

Equal unto each other

For this brief hour

Now has been the time of equipoise

The pause between darkness and light

Between dormancy and bursting with growth

We move from quietness to busy noise

No longer nascent, we surge with energy

Welcoming the sprouts of excitement

Creating space for new life

O Winter we are bidding you farewell!

We thank you for your lessons –


We cut back the dead wood in our lives

We let go all that holds us back

That which has been fallow, quickens in its promise

The cold is leaving us

We thrill to the rising warmth

O Spring – we usher you into our midst.

With joy and hope,

with shouts of laughter and relief

As brown turns slowly to green

We look longingly to the clouds for sweet rain

The Great Wheel is turning

We stand poised

Breathing out the old

Inhaling that which is new

Now we harness the new energy

With bridles of anticipation and wonder

Now we can move forward

Clear in our direction

The seeds that we planted in winter

The ideas, the plans, the desires

We now nurture to fruition

We give thanks

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

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